Toy Track

Circular thinking The tracks are laid With a pre-programed route No unscheduled stops And if you forget something Worry not because it will Circle back again -Kel Dayheart


White Noise

There are two types of people in the world Those that revel in silence And those who do their best to break it The first finds peace there The second only hears thoughts Better off un-thought I am the second case Those who severely overthink To the point of fearing silence -Kel Dayheart  


Darling, you were Like a Swiss army knife That jammed You had it all But it just wouldn't work -Kel Dayheart


There is nothing Cleansing about a pity cry It's unwanted tears That do nothing More than tick me off -Kel Dayheart

Part-time Introvert

Some days all I want to do Is stay in bed and not see a single soul Others I cannot stand the silence Cannot stand the noise inside my head And I throw myself head first Into the first social interaction I can find -Kel Dayheart

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