Words I Needed to Hear

Do you want to talk about it?

It’s okay, whatever you decide

Because no matter what

I will continue to support you

Take all the time you need

-Kel Dayheart



These walls around me

Won’t come crashing down

Anytime soon

I’ve built them too well


Once in, it doesn’t mean anything

‘Cause I’m just as ready

To kick you back out again


Walled for my protection

But it’ll harm in the end

‘Cause who will try

When all others have failed?

-Kel Dayheart

Walk Away

Kicking shadows

Keeping my head down

Shoulders squared

Just like always


Walk away.


I harden myself

Against the world

I go alone

Just like always


Walk away.


Scuffling my feet

Sinking lower

Hiding behind a mask

Just like always


I walk away.

-Kel Dayheart

Healing Tears

Itching eyes

Burn as I blink

A feeling of grief

That shouldn’t be there


Unexpected wound of sorrow

Tears stay at bay

By sheer force of will

Throbbing ache


Longing to cry

To mourn

But I strive not to

It’s been too long


Time heals everything

But nothing

As well as tears

A soothing habit

-Kel Dayheart

So Called Coping

I am not ashamed

But I bite my tongue

Until all I remember is the copper tang

I am not a liar

But I do not speak the full truth

Until guilt bangs on my heart


It’s complicated

I am not ashamed

Of a tragedy from long ago

But I cannot deny it

As it defines part of me


It is not an excuse

Or crutch or attention seeking

My tears are real

Just as they are silent

I am not ashamed

But it’s complicated

-Kel Dayheart

Plain Sight

Not meant as an insult

But it still hurts

And you don’t understand

That it is not helpful

But harmful

And I will not forget

No matter how much I forgive you

Years later the sting is still there

The wound will be unhealed

With thick bandages it will hide

Within plain sight

-Kel Dayheart

Slow Suicide

I can’t stand watching you doing this to yourself

You know better

Deserve better


You drink your pain away

Only to add to it

Only to drink more


You puff away your dreams

Got no hope left

Left your hope behind


You’re taking the easier way

You don’t know it

You know it’s painless


I can’t stand watching you doing this to yourself

You’re slowly committing suicide

And you’re taking me with you

-Kel Dayheart