Always Strong


She stands strong against the current

Never swaying

She’s a fighter, a believer, a dreamer,

And so much more than these words can say


Standing tall against the pull

Wiser than what she’s suppose to be

Never wanting help

Striving to look forward


She holds back tears

Being strong

Against the current

Never swaying


Always strong.

-Kel Dayhert


Mirror Lookalike


I always feel so much prettier before I look in the mirror/ People say mirrors don’t lie/ But that is such a lie/ Mirrors are shallow, hallow creatures/ They lurk in the corner of our eyes/ They can only tell us insignificant things/ Like our outer features/ However, mirrors will never truly know us/ Our heart,/ Our mind,/ What hurts the most,/ What heals the most/ Most of all, they will never know just how pretty our soul is -Kel Dayheart

*Repost: oldie but a goodie