Dry Eyes

Blue eyes full of sadness

Stay dry from sheer force of will

She refuses to show

That they can still

Affect her

-Kel Dayheart



Cheaters are found out

Contrary to popular

Belief, we realize

The actual truth that lingers

On the lipstick stained collar

-Kel Dayheart



To some

Language makes us superior

As though the scribbles written

Upon deaden trees make us more-

More than “common” animal


But does not the owl hoot?

Nor the “common” wolf call out?

Language is no more or less

Than sounds made up

And put into a system


Language is meant to

Communicate and form an understanding

But for all that we say

Are we really being


-Kel Dayheart

Mad Music

Sway to the musical poetry in the air

Brings forth a mysterious craving

The lullaby moving an addictive desire

One only showing a passion’s fire

But with the heart of a liar

Life is never fair

When all its people are madly raving

-Kel  Dayheart