Illusion of Security

Mysterious immortal flame

Has come to an untimely end

And we know not the blame

Or how to mend


Written long ago, now lost

In the illusion of present

The myth has been tossed

For something more pleasant


No facts are known

And the future starts to look bleak

We should not have over- grown

Now we have lost the old technique


Security that has always been

But now it’s nothing but sin


-Kel Dayheart




Burnt and darkened by fire’s light

Forged from the ashes of laborious hours

Bold to the point of being brass

Fortune favors the bravest at heart

Who have a warrior’s song within


Sculpted into a celestial metal

That craves blood and warfare

With every sharpening of the blade

It will have the names of its enemies

Engraved in a ruddy red


Plated with imprudence

So stubborn in its arrogance

That it will never settle in being

Only third place in the world

When it is laminated in brazenness

-Kel Dayheart