Haiku #114

haiku 114 q34

If you do not fit/ Leave. Find your place elsewhere/ You cannot be forced -Kel Dayheart


Sunday Afternoon


A cup of tea

And solitary confinement


Reflecting back in quiet air

Warmth seeps in


Against all restraint

A sigh is released

-Kel Dayheart


In This Unfamiliar Place


I’ve come to a stop/ no idea where I am/ or where to go/ in this unfamiliar place// the lonely road stretches on/ around the bend is unseen/ the unknown brings fear/ making me stop// I cannot go back/ there is no point in that/ either move forward/ or stay rooted here// scared I look forward/ trying to figure it out/ is it worth it/ I’m safe here// I’ve come to a stop/ It’s time to decide/ in this unfamiliar place/I take a step forward -Kel Dayheart