Haiku #134

Haiku #127

Damsels in Demand

The hero is always cut From the same cookie mold In tales of old Always a robust and rugged man Quick to the draw Light on his feet And determined to win the damsel   I'm tired of the same old story Being spoon-fed down my throat Where are all the fierce heroines? Who needs... Continue Reading →

Bloody Mary

Call her three times And with no delay She will appear But you'll only see He briefly before Your eyes are The same as her name -Kel Dayheart


He had a furry- little- problem But it's okay! It's manageable and not even contagious Most of the time Just once a month He's more of a lover Than a fighter A lamb than a wolf Most of the month -Kel Dayheart  

Fairytale Forest

A grim forest fille to the brim With creatures dark as night Roam free of cruel kindness Escaping the prisons we try to entrap them A paradise for those that humans fear -Kel Dayheart


His feeling of injustice Forces him to carry on To never quit riding Though his vision is impaired To seek what has been cut from him   So my sweets, be careful where you treed For the huntsman demands a new head -Kel Dayheart

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