Flying Freedom

Never cage a willful bird Instead, learn to fly along Or else be gone   To cage is to clip- Clip the wings of freedom Hindering the soulful flight   I will not be content To sit all-day And sing your heinous tune -KelĀ  Dayheart


It's the little things That help or break your mood The wrong coffee order Or a good hair day Can alter your entire out view Of the day -Kel Dayheart

Yes or No

You either are Or you are not There is no in-between In the grey Or on the fence   To be or not Is the simple question -Kel Dayheart


She was made of graceful lines Soft and worn with age Her beauty shines timelessly Aging with integrity Although kingdoms come and go And territories change Her history will always be Meaningful -Kel Dayheart


I'm not trying to hide But the introvert in me Wishes for invisibility -Kel Dayheart

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