Life Imitating Art

I find no humor In this parody of life We are living The humor fell flat Two acts ago -Kel Dayheart


Mischievous in the way she acts Misfortune wrought Misadventure ventured far Misjudged for her Misbehaving behavior, when really she is Misclassified by everyone because of Miscommunication that caused them to Miscalculate her character Missing her true self and Miscasting her to the wrong role Misfashioned as so brought her only Misery -Kel Dayheart

For a Life of Crime

First Rule: Always have an escape route Second Rule: Assume your first plan will fail Third Rule: Always have a back up plan, or five Fourth Rule: Only trust what you can see Fifth Rule: Assume the worst of everyone -Kel Dayheart


Baby, sometimes You are so blunt It is almost Offensive But at least I'm never Second guessing Your intentions -Kel Dayheart

Hit and Run

Did you catch That licence plate Of the bus That ran me down Or was it not Registered because I would like To register my complaint -Kel Dayheart

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