Battle Worn Hope

With all the hardships of the world It is surprising that we never truly lose hope Optimism will win out Even in the bitterest of hearts There will be a light At the end of the tunnel That the journey has not been made in vain Hope no matter how battered Will always take a... Continue Reading →



You were a pipe dream I never thought Was really feasible You were just a dream To daydream over Not someone to win I never thought of you In actuality   Until I did Until we did -Kel Dayheart

Sunday Afternoon

A cup of tea And solitary confinement   Reflecting back in quiet air Warmth seeps in   Against all restraint A sigh is released -Kel Dayheart *Repost


He was made of magic From the gentleness of his hand To his loving gaze   He was made of magic And I couldn't help But want to reach out to him -Kel Dayheart

Always Strong

She stands strong against the current Never swaying She's a fighter, a believer, a dreamer, And so much more than these words can say   Standing tall against the pull Wiser than what she's suppose to be Never wanting help Striving to look forward   She holds back tears Being strong Against the current Never... Continue Reading →

With Intent

I have a funny feeling That I am being watched I just hope That the man over there Has good intentions -Kel Dayheart


Some days we fail But that doesn't change The fact that we tried Failure isn't the opposite of success A lack of action is -Kel Dayheart

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