Optimistic Traveler

Following the path Is impossible to do Without a map So I'll wander now And hope for the best Maybe I'll find Lost to be Where I needed to be -Kel Dayheart

Father Time

Father time's face Is rather stern But with a constant tick He looks out at all But does not see He screeches in the morning But has no voice   Father time Tells a lot But no one listens -Kel Dayheart


Lukewarm tea Still warms my palms As they clutch on With feverish hope That it may warm me Down to my chilled bones -Kel Dayheart

A Kind Thought

Kindness simply meant as kindness Without the usual price tag It's hard to know Just what to say To somehow convey How much all that you do All that you show Is so fully appreciated But I'm going to endeavor To tell you, that you are So very loved for who you are And how... Continue Reading →

Battle Worn Hope

With all the hardships of the world It is surprising that we never truly lose hope Optimism will win out Even in the bitterest of hearts There will be a light At the end of the tunnel That the journey has not been made in vain Hope no matter how battered Will always take a... Continue Reading →


You were a pipe dream I never thought Was really feasible You were just a dream To daydream over Not someone to win I never thought of you In actuality   Until I did Until we did -Kel Dayheart

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