She was made of graceful lines Soft and worn with age Her beauty shines timelessly Aging with integrity Although kingdoms come and go And territories change Her history will always be Meaningful -Kel Dayheart

All is Swell

Old black and white Seems so simple Even with its shades of gray The hero is straight forward And always gets the girl With the villain in shackles Then the words "The End" appear All is swell -Kel Dayheart

Sorry for the Past

I am sorry For my brothers   I am sorry For my sisters   Our ancestors Got it wrong   So drastically wrong   Forgive me For I have followed their sins -Kel Dayheart

Rose Tinted Love

We romanticized the classics Like that life should be idolized And placed on an eternal pedestal But like our memories We only seem to remember the good Talking about the glory days However, darling, it's time To take off the rose-tinted glasses And see the past as it is Not what we wished it to... Continue Reading →

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