Is there any better way To spend a night Than surrounded by books? -Kel Dayheart

A Kind Thought

Kindness simply meant as kindness Without the usual price tag It's hard to know Just what to say To somehow convey How much all that you do All that you show Is so fully appreciated But I'm going to endeavor To tell you, that you are So very loved for who you are And how... Continue Reading →


People would be happier If they stopped Comparing What they have Who they are Where they're going When they got there   By happy in the now -Kel Dayheart


Be open to the world And see what comes Some of it may hurt But what is a little pain In the face of happiness? -Kel Dayheart

Table for One

A day spent alone Surrounded by strangers As strange as it sounds Isn't as lonely as you would think -Kel Dayheart

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