Sunday Afternoon

A cup of tea And solitary confinement   Reflecting back in quiet air Warmth seeps in   Against all restraint A sigh is released -Kel Dayheart *Repost

Missed Feeling

My feet don't ache any more From standing and walking And standing some more For hours on end I didn't care that they ached Every single day As though I had been on glass Or maybe molten lava I didn't care Because every day My face ached just the same From smiling at every single... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Week #37

"A kind word never broke anyone's mouth." -Irish Proverb A little late for St. Patty's but better later than never. Hope everyone had fun and stayed safe. -Kel Dayheart

Raining on my Parade

Sunny days Never seem to last When you have Your own personal rain cloud That clings to you Like a circling predator Over weakened prey   Happiness Never seems to last When you have Depression Creeping up on you Like a crashing wave Hoping to drown you -Kel Dayheart


Guilty by a smile But smiles always hid secrets Just as tears hid the lies Therefore is frowning honest? -Kel Dayheart


half the battle to being happy is to be happy but we look and look outside ourselves for a fix when there is no miracle cure just ourselves and what we believe -Kel Dayheart

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