Hate to Love

When we first met You infuriated me To no end   But there was an end It was when I started to love you -Kel Dayheart

Falling in Love

He's a fast- time talker He's a smooth talker He's a charming charmer   Starry-eyed and feeling flush Half convinced I'm in love Half convinced I'm going crazy   It's a whirlwind It's a dreamscape It's a hope in us all   I guess that's why it's called Falling in love   -Kel Dayheart

Take a Leap

His cool cadence washes over me It lullabies me until I no longer hear his words And I sink into his voice To daydream and lose my inhibitions Viewing myself as someone else Making the choices that I fear to choose   I am startled by a hand And I come back to see him... Continue Reading →


You are a fine delicacy That I have never had The pleasure to have And hold Such as you are, my dear -Kel Dayheart

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