Up in Smoke

Burnt chocolate  Is a great metaphor  For my love life  -Kel Dayheart


I can find no exit In this relationship Without explosions I guess we will have to go With an action film ending -Kel Dayheart

No Show

Crying in a public restroom Still has more dignity Than crying at the table He never bothered showing up to -Kel Dayheart


I could tell you Every word for love In the numerous languages We have around the globe But I cannot make you feel it -Kel Dayheart


The explosion rocked the world  Shattering it like it was made of glass  It took everything  That we took for granted  Would always be there  And left us with nothing   How can we pick up the pieces  Of a relationship  We both gleefully, manically  Blew up?  -Kel Dayheart

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