Complex Communication

Combine the words to

Combust into various conversations

Comfort the young

Comely replies to love ones

Combat the debaters

Commiserates with the lost

Command where necessary

Comments to convey meaning

Common words help

Compose the way to communication


Handle with Care

Flower chains crafted with care

Sits upon her little brow

Tongue sticking out just a bit

As she continues to weave

A gift for her teddy

-Kel Dayheart

Paper Flowers


Delicate petals inked with delicate words

Words of love and hope

Growing out towards the light


Dirt stained hands reach out

To plant these beauties

Among the garden walls


Pages sprout up

Inspiring new ideas

From the everlasting paper flowers

-Kel Dayheart


It’s easy to get distracted

Not so easy to follow a plan

But when has life ever been easy?


You try and you try

But nothing is set

One day there, the next gone


Some days you have everything planned

Down to the littlest detail

Only to get d i s t r a c t e d

-Kel Dayheart