Turn to Dust

Bones creak and break

And life wears away

Leaving only dust to mark the place

But time blows it away

-Kel Dayheart



Horror runs through my veins

And dries the tears on my cheeks

Thunder burns at my chest

As I bleed a sickly sight

Eyes lay upon me in ugly light

Drown in the glory of misfortune

Taking my soul onto itself

Stealing, thriving on what I called mine

Grinning nastily with unnatural teeth

Beady little birdish eyes take in the sight

What I lost is never to be returned

Misery swallows myself into the abyss

He watches as his horror unfolds

-Kel Dayheart


The wind picks up

Slanting the rain

As it pours heavily

Upon me

Everything is made up of grey

A grey scale world

Where the shades

Just get progressively darker

Until a flash of light

Illuminates the world

Bringing it into sharp relief

Defining the scene in clarity

The air is thick with static

And silence prevails in anticipation

To what is about to happen

-Kel Dayheart


I stood aflame

In a fiery ruby-red

Burned in an inferno

Of my own making


Hell flame, hell creature

Demon spawn I’ve been called

By the many

Who have never understood


Ash-covered tongue

Choked my screams of rage

As I parodied a phoenix

Renewed by the heat


Kneeling now, I am overcome

By the chance to be

More than my labels

More than what I was

-Kel Dayheart