Illusion of Security

Mysterious immortal flame

Has come to an untimely end

And we know not the blame

Or how to mend


Written long ago, now lost

In the illusion of present

The myth has been tossed

For something more pleasant


No facts are known

And the future starts to look bleak

We should not have over- grown

Now we have lost the old technique


Security that has always been

But now it’s nothing but sin


-Kel Dayheart



Mad Music

Sway to the musical poetry in the air

Brings forth a mysterious craving

The lullaby moving an addictive desire

One only showing a passion’s fire

But with the heart of a liar

Life is never fair

When all its people are madly raving

-Kel  Dayheart


Quote of the Week #61

“And don’t worry about the bits you can’t understand. Sit back and allow the words to wash around you, like music.”

-Roald Dahl, Matilda

I grew up watching Matilda weaving magical mischief and changing her life.  However, it wasn’t until recent years that I actually picked up the book to read. The movie and book, for me, are so dissimilar that I don’t even want to compare them.  Both are better to be view as its own entity which is an opinion that shocks me. I usually can’t help myself when comparing a movie to a book. I guess seeing the movie so many times before reading the book helped me avoid that this time anyway. But I’m not here to spoil them for you if you haven’t watched or read them. (Though I would ask what rock you’re living under?) 

I really love this quote. It reminds me of when I first started to read, I was never overly fussed if I didn’t know all the words. The story was the part I cared about, and you can usually use context clues to figure out what you don’t know. Though I do get a little fussy when I’m reading in german and don’t know a word. My reading is quite strong enough to get context clues yet. I’m getting there though, and my vocab is definitely improving since I investigate all the words I don’t recognize.

Sometimes the best books to read are the ones you don’t understand right away. Happy reading.

-Kel Dayheart