Like vultures

Circling their prey


Preying on

The weak-

The dead



Don’t have to be


-Kel Dayheart



The mist rises and covers the mirror

Hiding my faithful twin from me

Cut off like a veil of mourning loss


Looking glass yields no results

We’ll scry and scry again

Until the mirror cracks with black luck


Staring straight, I watch

As she mimics me, feeling faint

As she becomes more than I

-Kel Dayheart

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Hello Everyone! As the title say, I’m now connected on Twitter as @Frag_of_a_Fig . Mostly I’ll just tweet the poem of the day, but I’ll put up my announcements there instead. Eventually, I might revive some old posts on twitter. Follow if you’d like dears! Maybe I’ll become more social.

-Kel Dayheart


I’ve got a chill down my spine

And a feeling that isn’t mine


I hear the whispers all around me

I just want to flee


Maybe it’s not superstition

But I still have some suspicion


The dust is as disturbed as I

Staring dry- eyed, although I wish to cry


Ghosts haunt my every step

They drag me deeper into this tangled web

-Kel Dayheart


Darkness falling

Glass breaks

Scattering silence

Unfamiliar house

With unfamiliar faces

Lining the walls

Quiet steps

Shuffling drawers

Eyes anything that shines

Finders, keepers

Even if it’s well hidden

What’s yours

Is mine

But you’ll never see me

-Kel Dayheart