With Intent

I have a funny feeling

That I am being watched

I just hope

That the man over there

Has good intentions

-Kel Dayheart


Shotgun Seat

I’ll be your Bonnie

If you’ll be my Clyde

And I’ll run with you

Without a line

I wouldn’t cross

To  stay together

-Kel Dayheart

Lines of a Story

2014-07-14 11.58.41Your hand tells your story

Far better than your eyes

Eyes may be the window to the soul

But we guard our soul-

Our heart with iron walls

The past is not so easily safeguarded

Every scar and line

Is laid out to bare

Luckily most do not know how to read

This secret of secret languages

So your past is safe with me

As our stories meet

And hold on for dear life

-Kel Dayheart