True Beauty

It's in unguarded moments When you let your hair down And you just are That I love the most Your smile reaches your eyes Your laugh is freely given And my god, I swear You have never looked more beautiful Than you do in those moments I just wished That you would feel more comfortable... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Darling

Devilish grin With a drawing voice To match   Eyes sharp And ready To banter   Angelic face With a sharp tongue Sounds like honey -Kel Dayheart

False Calm

She seemed as docile As a doll Impassive and unimpressed But one word Can bristle her up And having her fighting As fiercely as any tiger -Kel Dayheart


Patchwork stitches String together these moments Held with the thinnest thread They still keep without snapping -Kel Dayheart

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