Tales of Old

Like Pharaohs of old

She is anointed in gold

With all man-made treasures around

Her. She is bound

To her fate of doom

As she will never leave this tomb

-Kel Dayheart


Beautifully Broken

She was made

Of jagged pieces

That no longer fit

Together the way

They used to


Like broken china

You may mend it

But it is not the same

Some chipped pieces

Will not work


She was shattered

But not broken

She was beautiful

Still in her wild

Nonconformed way

-Kel Dayheart


My Hometown

Nothing happens in this town

And the place itself

Isn’t all that special

Still I know every street

That sits in an ordinary grid

The winters are cold

The summers are hot

A typical town in the good U.S. of A.

It might not be much

But in the end

It’s still my hometown

-Kel Dayheart