Can’t Look Away

His face

Had car accident

Written all over it

And just the same

I couldn’t look away

As his temper flared

And he lost all control

-Kel Dayheart


Dream Catcher

Here in your arms

I feel relief

As though the nightmares

Can no longer touch me

Or find me

My personal dream catcher

Who filters out the bad

Leaving me to dream


Here in your arms

I never want to leave

The world is no longer tries

To enclose around me

In a parody of claustrophobia

I have nothing to fear

As I finally feel safe

Here in your arms

-Kel Dayheart

Not As I Seem

A dash of valor

When all hope is lost


A touch of courage

When all have deserted you


A lack of fear

When all may be lost otherwise


I do not pretend to be brave

When I am so full of false bravo


I am not the leader

When all the chips are down


I am not the one you deserve

When all is said and done

-Kel Dayheart

With Purpose

She moved with purpose

Swiftly towards her target

With predatory grace


She looks with seeing eyes

That stare deep within

Waiting for weakness


She speaks with determination

Demanding to be heard

To be listened to


She refuses to back down

With he opinion set

And will not change

-Kel Dayheart