A Harsh Beginning

Fix it

Dismantle it

Rip it apart

Scrap the whole thing

And rewrite it from start to end

-Kel Dayheart


Hollow Expression

Grinning so hard it hurts

I feel it in my teeth

Down into my gums

But still it does not waver

Not even for a second

-Kel Dayheart

Dance it Away

We’ll take this dance movement by movement

Until they will applause in amusement

Don’t wait or you’ll lose the moment


Slow and steady wins, but that doesn’t mean

To stop all together, it is a working machine

Keep moving, moving or else it’s in-between


For we keep in step to the time

And no matter what is done, we won’t go out on another’s dime

Even when we are no longer in our prime

-Kel Dayheart

Little Red

Little red, little red

Why do you hide your face like so

With shadows casted by beloved hood?


Little red, little red

Why do you walk so alone

In this dark forest?


Little red, little red

Don’t you know of the wolf

That lingers in these woods?


Little red, little red

Watch your step, dear or else

The wolf will get an easy meal

-Kel Dayheart