Dreaming Trust

Dreaming is hard, when pressures on

Just try, just try

You’ll like it, you like it

Trust me, trust me


Trusting is hard, when thoughts defy

Come on, come on

Not addictive, not addictive

I promise, I promise


Dreaming to trust, trust to dream

Wants and needs

Trying to achieve

But I hear your whispered words


Just try, you’ll like it

Trust me, come on

Not addictive, I promise

I’ll never lead you wrong


But I want to rise

Goals being dreamed of

Believing in life with more

But the pressure’s on


Trust me, trust me

I promise, I promise

You’ll be fine

Don’t say no


But I want to rise

I want to dream

I want to believe

I want to be myself


Trust me, and you’ll find

I’m lying, you could see

If you only looked

You’d see what a mess I am


I promise, you’ll like it

It’s addictive, how couldn’t you

I need you to say yes

So I’m not so alone


But, but, but

I need more from here

I want to be more

But pressure’s on


Come on, please I promise

Don’t you trust me

The more yeses

The more powerful I become


Trust me, but I don’t

You’ll like, but it will kill

Just try, but then I’m hooked

I promise, but you don’t really know


I’m going to succeed

I need more than unfilled lies

I won’t fall for pressure

And fall for the wrong dream

-Kel Dayheart

PS: Happy Drug Awareness Month! I wrote this a long time ago but I still think it gets the message across


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