Mending Bridges

This bridge...


Long Night

A swig of brandy...

On Healing

Itching again Scratching again Annoying again Ignoring again   Itching is a good sign I guess Though almost too annoying to ignore Guess I'm healing -Kel Dayheart

Rebel with a Cause?

His haggard appearance Did nothing to endear him To the public And although the masses Looked their noses down On him He raised his chin Straightened his shoulders To rebel against What the world Tells him to do -Kel Dayheart

I’m fine

I died again last night Right there in your arms But you didn't seem to notice Even as I clutched at you Tighter than before You were blinded by the words "I'm fine." -Kel Dayheart

Fresh Face

You look ravishing tonight, Darling With your hair and makeup done just so But for all your glam I still like you best When you first wake up With your sleepy little smile That's just for me -Kel Dayheart

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