Tired Ramble

Rub the sand out of my eyes And try to focus Writer's block is at it again. -Kel Dayheart


The best laid plan will unhinge Cool and calm will boil away With fury's rage, clear- thinking escapes The only fighting chance is to decide now. Make sure it's the right one. Don't want to be wrong, do you? -Kel Dayheart

Fact of Life

No matter what You can only guess Nothing is true   Nothing is fact Every theory can be disproved And will one day   Life gives nothing away With the greatest poker face The world will ever see -Kel Dayheart

Happy Birthday William Blake!

My favorite dead, male poet. I have a few favorites; therefore feel the need to differentiate them. Blake is an English poet from the mid- 1750's. He refuse to compromise his personal vision throughout his career; whether for his own writings or commissioned engravings he always stayed true to himself. Although, I am a fan... Continue Reading →


Guilty by a smile But smiles always hid secrets Just as tears hid the lies Therefore is frowning honest? -Kel Dayheart

Mindscape Escape

Imagination illuminates the mindscape Creating a way for the mind to escape The drab of every day life Or mend the soul after strife -Kel Dayheart

Mother’s Child

Mother Earth has evolved So much since the early days Where Man wasn't even in existence   In the early years Lush greens and colorful hues assaulted the eyes With beauty in the natural form   Mother Earth at ripe old age Has been abused and defaced By her child called Man -Kel Dayheart

Paper Storm

Page by page The storm quiets Raging winds turns Into a billowing breeze   Hailing ice turns Into a lively sunshine Crying thousands turn Into a peaceful bunch   Page by page People calm the storm That beats inside Until it's nothing but words -Kel Dayheart

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