Trapped Freedom

Trapped in a room with no windows The sunlight is too bright Stuck without a door The breeze is too cold Trapped in a room with no one The people talk too loud Stuck without hope The feeling hurts too much -Kel Dayheart

First and Last

Haunted eyes look calculating As they plot their gruesome deeds Manipulating the moment Suiting their own needs What more to life is death What is worth more than the last breath But the very first -Kel Dayheart

Healing Tears

Itching eyes Burn as I blink A feeling of grief That shouldn't be there   Unexpected wound of sorrow Tears stay at bay By sheer force of will Throbbing ache   Longing to cry To mourn But I strive┬ánot to It's been too long   Time heals everything But nothing As well as tears A... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath!

Originally, I knew Ms. Plath as an author reading "Bell Jar", which I definitely recommend, but also she has a lovely collection of poems. As some of you may have notice I liked to use famous characters to inspire poems. Ms. Plath had a few similar inspired poems, my favorite is called "Cinderella" The prince... Continue Reading →

The Prideful Sin

Mocking, insulting Pride is tattered Once came, has gone again Hopelessness, Helplessness Causes reckless abandonment   Pride the deadliest of our sins Better than someone, always But are you really? Or do you just want to be? Green was never a good color...   Hate what you can't be Jealous, but oh so proud-- Proud... Continue Reading →

Web of Lies

Believe me, and be deceived Trust me, and I'll lie But you won't know   Weaving web Tangle not, so the story flows For the tales been told before   Once you know What to say It's hard to stay true   So I'll lie But trust me I won't deceive -Kel Dayheart

Poison Pen

Poison pen, biting tongue Caged in rage Flutters inside myself And also yourself   Don't lie It's not becoming And it hurts the soul, Changes the heart   The pen, Mightier than the sword Hurts deeper than any On the emotion   The tongue, Strikes fast and hard Just the same as the pen Tears... Continue Reading →

Flock Together

Mourning dove lost in the hearth Died warmly in another's arms The owner cried tears of soot   Nightingale flew in fright Settling among the evening dreary Cold and frightened, never again   Birds of a feather, but none So sad as the mortal swan That laid dying with the song in its throat -Kel... Continue Reading →

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