Nine Muses

Of the nine have I not loved?

Lady Clio, have I not loved the past dear enough

That I have lost your favor?

Lady Urania, have I not admired the night sky enough

To have you smile upon me?

Lady Melpomene, have I not wrote enough sorrow

To have you not forsaken me?

Lady Thalia, have I not rang out with enough joy

For you to still find humor in me?

Lady Terpsichore, have I not moved gracefully enough

For you to continue to send your special rhythm?

Lady Calliope, have I not written enough tales

To please your epic appetite?

And of the nine, have I not loved you most dearly Lady Erato?

Lady Erato of love poetry, do I not admire you the most

And hope to win your delicate heart?

Muses nine do I not love thy as highly as a mere mortal could?

-Kel Dayheart


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