At the last

You held my hand

And whispered words of comfort

Through the tears

Kept me strong

Held me strong

At the last



My hands clasp one another

With words falling short

Tears stream through grasping breath

For you are not here

To keep me strong


-Kel Dayheart


First Sip

I remember

The first sip

But it never stopped

Continued on

Destroying my mind


Easy fix

Losing never felt so good

Nothing matters anymore

Except the drink

More and more


Never ending guilt

Just forgotten in the bliss

But then I crash again

Craving  more and more

I remember nothing else

-Kel Dayheart


The words I want just won’t come out

It’s like there is a road block on my tongue

And I feel my face heat up

My heart is in overdrive

Even with my mind shutting down


Then I just stop


Mid- word, mid- sentence

It doesn’t matter anymore

My whole point is lost

The argument crumbles

With my inability to talk

-Kel Dayheart

Take a Leap

His cool cadence washes over me

It lullabies me until I no longer hear his words

And I sink into his voice

To daydream and lose my inhibitions

Viewing myself as someone else

Making the choices that I fear to choose


I am startled by a hand

And I come back to see him smiling

With kind warm eyes

Suddenly I decide to take a leap

Closing my eyes I lean over

Kissing him

-Kel Dayheart


via Daily Prompt: Witness

Heart pounds away

So very afraid

Want to do the right thing

The moral thing


Always been the good one

Done what was virtuous

Didn’t create waves

And now it’s all over


You stand there lying

In front of judge and jury

Because fear wins over virtue every time

Mobster is just one letter away from monster

-Kel Dayheart

Falling in Love

He’s a fast- time talker

He’s a smooth talker

He’s a charming charmer


Starry- eyed and feeling flush

Half convinced I’m in love

Half convinced I’m going crazy


It’s a whirlwind

It’s a dreamscape

It’s a hope in us all


I guess that’s why it’s called

Falling in love


-Kel Dayheart

Mad Music

Sway to the musical poetry in the air

Brings forth a mysterious craving

The lullaby moving an addictive desire

One only showing a passion’s fire

But with the heart of a liar

Life is never fair

When all its people are madly raving

-Kel  Dayheart

Hidden Behind

Hidden behind the clouded glass

Is what you’re looking for

Behind those blue eyes

Is the truth

Behind my soul

Is the person you seek

In my heart

Is where you wish to be


Hidden behind the clouded glass

Is more than you know

Behind those blue eyes

Is the lie

Behind my soul

Is a broken person

In my heart

Is where you lost your place

-Kel Dayheart


The monarch flutters through the passage of time

Pages turn with wings of stone

The walls have crumbled

The armory has rusted– tarnished

The moat has dried

The queen is dead and buried

No one has seen the king in centuries

It lies in ruin.

-Kel Dayheart