Lies Before Bed

I may have released a poetry book… oh look I did! I did the self-published route. If anyone is thinking about self-publishing I recommend Draft2Digital, it’s easy to get started and navigate.

A collection of poetry that takes a different spin on classic tales. These poems explore the art of storytelling from classic fairy tales to a writer’s musings. version 3 (edited-Pixlr)


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Given Power

Criticize is just a word

It holds no more power

Than any other string of letters

Words are meaningless


Yet somehow, someway

We let it sink in

And it offends us more

Than any physical blow could


Words only have power

If we give them it

-Kel Dayheart


Mischievous in the way she acts

Misfortune wrought

Misadventure ventured far

Misjudged for her

Misbehaving behavior, when really she is

Misclassified by everyone because of

Miscommunication that caused them to

Miscalculate her character

Missing her true self and

Miscasting her to the wrong role

Misfashioned as so brought her only


-Kel Dayheart

For the Better

Why do we always want the bad boy?

The tortured soul,

Leather- wearing,

Worn down dreamer


Can we really say we fell for him

When all we want to do

Is change him “for the better”

Polish him up until he shines


Good girls fall

Stumbling along chasing after bad boys

But don’t worry

It seems bad boys are good at catching them

-Kel Dayheart